Dottie Peoples is Back!!!

DOTTIE PEOPLES is BACK!!!!!! And she’s bringing the fire with her brand new HIT single “I Got This!” ALREADY making waves at GOSPEL radio, here’s what radio has to say about the new single…
“Dottie Peoples ‘I Got This’ is off the Song Bird Chain!!  It’s a great collaboration of Traditional, Choir-tet, and Contemporary-drive-time.  Pun intended!!!!!!! Add it!”  ~Bishop Sam Williams, National Vice Chair Gospel Announcer’s Guild/GMWA

“Dottie Peoples is a traditional staple in the gospel industry. She always gives her fans and the body of Christ a relevant right now word. Her new single “I Got This” has been casual conversation of the saved and unsaved. Dottie has sanctified the catch phrase into a gospel anthem. The bottom line is…in the midst of every unforeseen circumstance, God say’s “I Got This”. It’s Sunday morning church, all day… everyday! A Must ADD!”
~Tracy Bethea, Music Director WHAL / Memphis

“Once again Dottie is taking us to church with ‘I Got This!’ An upbeat energetic ‘I Feel Like Church’ Song!” ~Pam Dixon, Program Director, WEAM / Columbia, GA.

“Whatever your this or that is, Dottie Peoples’ ‘I Got This’ reminds us that God really does have us in any situation. Not only does this song take us back to church, but Ms. Dottie teaches a simple and powerful message: If He had everybody else back in the Bible days, then He has you too!” ~Roz on the Radio,
“Dottie Peoples is back!!! Her new single ‘I Got This’ is a breath of fresh air.” ~Torrez Harris, Program Director WHLH / Jackson

“‘I Got This’ is the anthem of whatever season you may be in your Christian walk!  Thanks, Dottie for the reminder! A definite add for radio playlists across the country that will surely bless listeners everywhere!  I LOVE it!” ~Kim Harper-Johnson, Radio Host Early Morning Prayer Breakfast, WBBP / Memphis

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